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 The Virtuosos

                                                                                Foto :  Lance

"Hypnotic"   What's On on London

The Virtuosos have been performing at the Royal Festival Hall
(London), the Queen Elisabeth Hall, the Swan Theatre and
"The Other Place" (Stratford upon Avon, Royal Shakespeare Company,    RSC-Fringe, Comedy Night), and "The Old Red Lion Theatre".
TV includes "Rosen für Nadja" (Tatort, ARD) and they had many appearances on radio, including "Loose Ends", BBC Radio4, "The Jonathan Ross Show" and "Best of Nationla Music Day" for BBC, Radio 2.

They set highlights to many parties from Budapest to Glasgow.

  Katherine Toy

                                    Foto : P.Vile

" . .  .  straight out of Aubery Beardsley."                                                                                      Mario Relich, The Scotsman

Katherine Toy's credits as actor-musician include "The False Servant" and "Cyrano de Bergerac" ( National Theatre, London),
"Wild Orchids" (Chichester Festival Theatre), "Rumpelstilskin"
(Nottingham Playhouse), "Dance of the Rings" (Chisenhale Dance Space), "Roxana" (Edinburgh Fringe Festival), "The Changeling"
(White Bear Theatre, London).

   Foto: Bob Drummond   


                                                       Foto: Bob Drummond 

  Helmut Scholz

Helmut Scholz credits as actor-musician include "Love in a Wood" and "Desire under the Elms" (Royal Shakespeare Company, Swan Theatre and The Other Place, Stratford upon Avon), "Wild Orchids" (Chichester Festival Theatre), "Secret Heart" (Royal Exchange Theatre, Manchester),
"The Makings of U" (Random Dance Company, The Place, London), "Warcrime" (Theatre Underground, London) "I Can Get It For You Wholesale" (Arcola Theatre, London), "The Seagull" (Bristol Old Vic) .

TV includes: "Rosen für Nadja" (Tatort, ARD)                                  featured in   "Titel Thesen Temperamente (ARD)".
Radio:          Featured in "Sense of Place", Radio BBC London.
Short-Film:    Protagonist in "Vivace" (Hessischer Filmpreis).

 London Observations: Saruman On The Roof

Bank Station has a spot for licensed buskers, about halfway down the long, sloping tunnel between the Central and Northern Lines. Quite often, when you go down there, you can be treated to the sight and sound of Saruman On The Roof.
Saruman's a spidery, elderly gentleman. Somehow, the word 'gentleman' seems appropriate, with its connotations of 'gentlemen of the road.' He's tall, of course. He has a thin, aristocratic nose. And he's bald, with a long, flowing white beard, with a few strands of black straggling through it. Of course.
And he's a violinist.
And that's why we call him Saruman On The Roof.

Saruman in action is quite a sight. He lives his violin. Not for Saruman the eyes-closed, contemplative, meditiative violin-playing. He tucks the violin under his chin, watches the crowd with an intense gaze, and swoops through and around the music. Classical pieces, mostly — Bach, Handel, some wild gipsy stuff. His fingers, his hair and his beard fly, echoed by the bright silk scarves he knots around his waist.

And he's in Time Out this week.

Saruman's real name is Helmut Scholz. He also busks as part of a duo called The Virtuosos, with an accordionist called Katherine Toy. He acts as well, and plays several other instruments, including some Indian ones, although he only ever busks with the violin.


"Warcrime" (Theatre Underground, London) 

Busker who fiddled his way " He just naturally looks like a Shakespearen character."
                                                  Laurie Kassman, VOA TV, London 


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